How do you envisage your future? 

Whether you’re simply looking to build the framework for a financially sustainable future or want to live the life of Riley when you retire, our role is to help you achieve it as efficiently as possible. 
We believe that financial planning should be customised, ambitious and optimistic, which is why we encourage each client to develop a plan for living to the age of 100 without running out of money. As well as enabling you to live a happy and comfortable lifestyle well into old age, this also ensures that you can financially protect your family and loved ones. 


Everyone should have some form of pension in place. There are different types available, so we’ll talk you through your options and guide you toward choosing the ones that will work in line with your financial goals. 
This doesn’t have to be a one-off discussion, as the most effective pre-pension planning takes both a proactive and reactive approach that’s fine-tuned as the years progress. 
We can also offer advice on how to manage pension contributions for staff and directors, which reduces the corporation tax liability for small business owners and helps to improve cash flow. 


There are multiple opportunities for investing your hard-earned cash. Some offer absolute security in place of the potential to substantially grow your money, whereas others come with an element of risk yet could lead to impressive returns. 
Whether you choose investment products from one group or both, we’ll explain in clear language how they work, the risk involved, how you can expect them to perform, and clear exit strategies should you amend your financial goals further down the line. 
We will also keep an eye out for tax, as it erodes returns, and will look to use tax efficient strategies whenever possible.  


By far the most neglected form of financial product, protection really is very important because it safeguards your money against unforeseen circumstances. Examples include income protection, mortgage protection, life insurance and critical illness cover, as well as many other products that protect your financial portfolio. 
Whether it’s decades from now or just around the corner, none of us can ever know what the future holds. We’re here to help you make key decisions in regard to financial protection, which makes a huge difference to the strength and sustainability of your financial portfolio. 

A financial planning firm, directly authorised by the FCA 

Thanks to Bounty Financial Planning being directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, you can rest assured that our compay has been scrutinised before being allowed to trade. Our professional, trusted and fully bespoke financial advisory services have your best interests in mind and are designed to guide you towards a financial legacy built on strong foundations. 

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