Founded on 20 years of financial planning & advice 

Bounty Financial Planning was set up by our Director of Financial Planning, Robert Bligh, DipFA. Following a comprehensive career delivering expert financial advice through a variety of reputable financial companies, Robert decided it was time to fulfil his ambition of becoming an independent financial adviser for clients in East Yorkshire and around the UK. 
One of the first jobs on his to-do list was to become directly authorised by the FCA. Being independent, and directly authorised, means our allegiance is solely to you, our client. Our primary aim is to help you plan your financial future. For this we use 'Truth' financial planning software, which gives us the evidence required to be able to make recommendations and suggestions to improve and plan your financial future. This approach should give you long term reassurance that your entire situation has been thoroughly considered - so that you can achieve your long term goals with confidence.  

Why Bounty? 

Paying tribute to Robert’s namesake, William Bligh, our company is named after the ship that he captained in the late eighteenth century, the famous HMS Bounty. The vessel was built in the dockyard of Hull, which is where many of our clients are located. As well as a nod to this fearless spirit, our name also reflects the mission to help you plan for a bountiful, plentiful and generous future. 

How We Work 

We’re here to help people who want to establish a plan for the financial security of themselves and their loved ones. The exact shape this takes will be different for each client, yet the advice, strategy and recommendations involved will always be founded on the expertise and insight of a professional financial planner. 
Following a free initial consultation, we begin formulating a tactical plan of action that will enable you to achieve your goals in a faster, smoother and more efficient way. 
By setting you up today, you’ll have the power to move forward with confidence and consult with our team whenever you need additional direction.  
This provides complete peace of mind, allowing you to successfully navigate changes to your circumstances and avoid financial threats that may arise over the years. 

We care about getting it right 

Aside from the reassuring fact that we’re held to account by the Financial Conduct Authority, we also truly care about providing you with the know-how required to live the life you want to lead. That’s why we take a fully bespoke approach and discuss your plans for the future in detail before offering advice that’s entirely tailored to your individual saving abilities, preferences and objectives. 
By establishing what you need in place to ensure a comfortable retirement, we can create a meticulous financial forecast and show you how to make it a reality. This could include retiring before the age of 60, having the means to pursue your hobbies and interests throughout your retirement, and leaving a substantial legacy for your loved ones.. 

Reliable financial planning in East Yorkshire 

We’re based in the beautiful market town of Beverley, which many call the jewel in the crown of East Yorkshire. With a client base primarily in Beverley, Cottingham, Hull, Driffield and York, we also work with individuals and families located around the UK. 
Our clients come from all kinds of backgrounds, plus we work with many farmers and agricultural business owners who are interested in diversifying and strengthening their investment portfolios. This means that if you’re looking for truly bespoke and personalised financial advisory services, look no further than Bounty Financial Planning. 

 Book a free consultation 

If you’re ready to unlock the potential of in-depth financial planning, get in touch today on 01482 862537 or 07767 696093. Alternatively, fill in our contact form to book a free initial consultation either in person or over Zoom. 
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